About Us

Hello and welcome to the about us page. Let’s know each other better here. We are a team of highly experienced professionals with the aim of providing the highest quality of education to everyone. We are doing our level best to deliver the top-notch quality of educational material.

Committed to delivering the latest and the best content to the students of CBSE. The technology has enabled everyone the benefit of all Internet resources. When we were kids, this seemed to be impossible 20 years back. But now it’s quite easy. You can take advantages of the resources available on this website and study better and efficiently.

About Us

Our Journey

You will be amazed to know the story beneath this website, it is a kind of small journey and we would like you to take you with us.

About six months back when we were looking to find some NCERT / CBSE related documents and study material (especially NCERT Solutions). We came across so many websites that are promising to deliver these study materials. But to our surprise, there is no single website that is providing some quality information (except few ones). The website present in the searches are just kind of bullshit and trying to manipulate the students.

When we saw this situation we feel very bad in our heart. We had a feeling that what is the use of Internet when there is no such quality information being presented there. And then we decided why not we should come forward and help the community.

Then the inception of this website comes to our mind. We decided to create such website where everything related to Central Board of Secondary Education will be served in best possible quality.

Our Mission and Vision

Our top priority is to deliver the latest and the best available support to all the candidates of primary and higher education. Since we have seen the situation of the currently available study material online, so now we want to fill the gaps. It means we want to be the number one educational support provider in coming months.

We have seen that so many websites are taking some fee or some amount of charges for the educational material. We don’t want to discriminate but if it’s not good for the candidates who are not financially strong.

So we are on a mission to provide free quality support and educational material to all of the students in India. Our main focus will be on Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) students.

To provide the best maximum possible quality we may also need your support. You can leave your feedback and give your valuable suggestions to make us enable for further improving this website.