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Here you will get all the NCERT/CBSE related study material. These can be solutions, sample papers, questions, answers, tests, revisions, guides, books, notes, syllabus, news, general information, etc. There are lot many things that student require in the studies. And at CBSE XPERT, we are always there like a strong foundation available for support.

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NCERT Solutions For Class 6 – 12

You want to get the answers of particular exercise in your school’s textbook? Then look no further, we have complete CBSE / NCERT solutions for your class and subject. You can directly go to the required chapter’s exercise and see the solutions that you want. You can choose to study online and you also have the option to download the solution in PDF file. We have covered almost all classes and subjects with their respective NCERT solutions. Visit our main NCERT solutions page, there you will see complete list of classes and subjects. Click on the desired link and you will be presented with all the solutions you need. Our experts have developed these resources as per their best efforts. They have invested their knowledge and experience to come out with best possible solutions. All the solutions are based on latest CBSE syllabus. These study materials are developed according to the new CBSE curriculum. Based on the official textbook and in sequence with exercise numbers.

Download Mathematics Solutions:

CBSE Syllabus – See The Latest Official Curriculum

After the exams when you are promoted to the next class, which is the first thing that you want to know? Yes obviously you want to know about the CBSE curriculum of your class. Every year so many students wonder that what the latest CBSE syllabus consist of. So here you go, you can visit our CBSE syllabus page and see the current year’s pattern of curriculum. It is very important that you should know what’s going on in your class before starting the studies. By understanding the syllabus you will have a fair idea of important topic and chapters.

NCERT Books – Get The Best Books for CBSE (All Classes)

Do you want to study computer or mobile? Then you should look at these downloadable books. NCERT is providing all the textbook in PDF format that you can download and study. We also have a range of the NCERT books that you want to consider for the learning. Although there is nothing comes close to the real physical books. Here you will see our recommended that you can get. You will see an immediate improvement in your studies.

Books are available for all the classes from 1st to 12th. You can see much more information and download them at CBSE Xpert. Just in explore these books this will cost nothing but you will gain some knowledge.

  • Download: NCERT Books For Class 6 – 12

CBSE Sample Papers – Download Old/Previous Papers and Guess Papers

Now comes the most important thing that many students want to know about. We have a complete variety of CBSE sample papers that you can download. These sample papers are very helpful for speeding up the learning curve. Candidates can use these paper just after finishing a particular chapter. The sample papers are similar to the exam papers that you see in yearly examinations. This is a great resource to practice and understand the situation in examination. All the papers are available in PDF file also.

  • Download: CBSE Sample Papers

CBSE Result – Check CBSE Board Result for 10th / 12th

At the time of annual results the students feel nervous. After the result declaration by CBSE they want to know their score as soon as possible. But mostly the server gets extremely slow or unresponsive. This creates the urge of urgent solution anyhow. In this hurry students tends to go to wrong website or link and at last they were unable to find the result. So we are trying to come with a solution with this issue. Hope fully we will help you in finding cbse result 2019-2020 session. After we develop a solution the result will be delivered to your inbox directly. You don’t need to rush here and there. We may also provide help to find-out the exam results which held in May month every year.

Holiday Homework – Download for Your School

The biggest issue is when we get lots of holiday homework in our summer vacations. Most of the students wonder that how they will complete the holiday homework in such a short time. The holiday homework provided by schools feels like a burden to students and their parents also. Nowadays students are getting less then 40-50 days of holiday time. So we are here to help you completing your holiday homework in less time.We have covered many school’s summer vacation homework with our maximum efforts. See our holiday homework section for more information regarding this.

More CBSE Resources

The story doesn’t end here, this is just the beginning. We will be providing more and more resources for CBSE and NCERT. They are already several other study related resources available on this website. And just explore this website and you will see many useful things. You can also visit official CBSE website ( to get more information on latest news about your education. There you will find all the information about the central board of secondary education. You can also visit NCERT website ( and see what’s going on. Both of these websites are great resources to get the information about the schooling and their education.

About CBSE Board

This is the very first education board was developed in India (on 03-11-1962). It mainly conducts the 10th and 12th class examination by their affiliated schools. The examinations are help in March each year and results declared in May-June same year. The CBSE was developed by central government of India. Central Board of Secondary Education was established to deliver to top notch education system and it is the most trusted board in India. The value of CBSE is much more than any other board.

Final Words – CBSE XPERT

At the end, this website is a complete resource treasure for CBSE students and teachers. We have done all the tedious work so you can get the solutions fast. Our sole purpose is to deliver excellent help to the students of CBSE. We aim for achieving maximum possible rank when it comes to NCERT and CBSE. You can know more about us and better understand us. We will keep providing these useful resources for studies for free. The cost should not be a matter when it comes to education and learning. That’s the reason we give all the material free of cost. Its a little effort from our side to give something to the community.

You can download any of the available resources at CBSE XPERT’s website freely. It is highly recommended that you bookmark this website in your browser, so that you can come back anytime.

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